Thursday, October 27, 2016

One Year Later

I just looked back at my last blog post. It has been one year. One. Full. Year. 

So much has changed. Yet so much remains the same. 

Three months ago, I left Mississippi. It was time. As much as I really hated to leave a job I loved and all of the wonderful people I have the privilege to call friends, my need and, more than that, my obligation to be closer to family convinced me I had to stop delaying the decision.

So, here I am, in Jupiter, Florida. Fifty-two and living with the 'rents. Most of my material life is in storage in Mississippi. When I changed my insurance information, the representative asked me if I was "renting or buying." I asked if she had a category for "freeloading."

But it really is the perfect set up for the moment. I have a part-time job tutoring at a private school, so I have some income while I look for permanent full-time employment. Plus, the beach is only a 10-minute drive. 

And I can scoot over to Tampa to see my sister and brother and their kids for the weekend anytime I want (or anytime they'll have me). I'm so excited for dance recitals, soccer games, and cross-country and track meets. 

And I'm excited to get to know my family again.

What has not changed is I'm still that girl trying to find her place in the world. I'm still a runner (on hiatus from triathlon...I sold my bikes), and I still like juxtaposing the "great" and "deep" questions of life against my athletic endeavors. 

In any case, this blog will pick up again and continue as a personal memoir of sorts as I try to figure out whether I am at a crossroads or a dead end. So, stay tuned, as I do a little review of the past year, my marathon, my first (and likely only) ultra, and KC's newfound love for the beach.